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DRNK Coffee Houses are a buzzing space where you may have to share a table with a stranger, but don’t be put off – the crowd is always friendly, or you’re meeting up with friends to add to the atmosphere.

This atmosphere is made of a number of things of course but we want to share some bits with you


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Sit down and relax for the first coffee of the day!  A smooth playlist of tracks that you can put on and slowly get ready for the day ahead


Featuring |  VLVET, Hayuu, Dom B, Civin, Blame Jones, Dusty Springfield, Alex Isley, The Impressions and more...

updated frequently

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A large mixture of upbeat Hip Hip, Funk, Disco & Soul.  A mixture of classics, hidden gems and edits that will keep you intrigued throughout

Featuring |  Wilson Pickett, Moonga K, DJ Jazzy Heff, Emmavie, Brandon Woody, Donny Hathaway, Hz., UKDD, Thundercat, Childish Gambino, Aiyana-Lee, The Internet, Josh Paul, Metro, Neil Franced and more...

updated frequently

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Whether its setting you up for a night out or you want a playlist to dance round the kitchen to, we've got you covered with club tracks, tracks you know and tracks you wish you knew before

Featuring |  La Felix, Snakehips, David Guetta, Todd Edwards, Duck Sauce, Rogerseventytwo, Jitwam, Cosmo's Midnight, Joel Corey, Meck, Autone, LF System, Austin Ato and more...

updated frequently

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DRNK 80's & 90's

Nostalgia at its best... synths, guitars, brit pop and "proper songs"

Featuring |  Elvis Costello, Voilent Femmes, The Smiths, Weezer, Green Day, Yazoo, The Cure, The Doobie Brothers, Joy Division, Blur and more...

updated frequently

Meet The Team

Our Friends

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